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as Tree of the Year before Sept 24

The Happy Man Tree is the only street tree, and the only tree under threat, shortlisted for the Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year for England.

Now is the time for recognition to be given to the value that street trees bring to urban landscapes in terms of their environmental benefits, their beauty and the cultural importance they hold for local communities.

So vote now and make it England's Tree of the Year 2020 in the Woodland Trust's annual competition. The Happy Man Tree (and the planet) will thank you for it. 


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A little about the tree

Drawn on an ordnance survey map in 1870, the Happy Man Tree is over 150 years old. 

This beautiful London plane tree grows on the public pavement on the North End of Lordship Road on Woodberry Grove, London N4. 

It has survived a century and a half of building development, two world wars, road widening schemes with the arrival of the motor car and, so far, Berkeley Homes. But now, in this latest intervention, this majestic and much-loved tree has been condemned to be cut down by Berkeley Homes & Hackney Council. 

The Happy Man Tree has been shortlisted for the Woodland Trust's Tree of the Year 2020. Read the nominations for all the wonderful trees and cast your vote here.

Latest news

At the planning meeting on 9 September, Hackney Council made the decision to go ahead with cutting down the Happy Man Tree and to approve the application for Woodberry Down Phase 3.

Read our account of the meeting and the difficulties faced trying to get objections heard and discussed. This Hackney Citizen article also goes into interesting detail.

The Happy Man Tree qualifies as an amenity tree and the council are contradicting their own new local plan which states that all amenity trees (with biological, aesthetic and cultural value) must be retained. We believe that mature trees can and should be protected alongside meeting a community’s housing and other needs.​

What we are asking for

The Friends of the Happy Man Tree includes many residents from across the Woodberry Down estate, Hackney and the neighbouring boroughs, as well as tree and environment experts. In the months that we have been providing a protective presence at the tree, we have had conversations with, and support from, hundreds of people.

The Friends of the Happy Man Tree believe that mature trees can and should be protected alongside meeting a community’s housing and other needs.

Read our current campaign statement

Take a look at our alternative design which would keep the Happy Man Tree 

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We are now not leaving the tree in order to protect it. Please get in touch to see how you can help save this tree. 

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