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20,000 people have now signed the petition to save The Happy Man Tree Press release

Press release: news desks: For immediate release: 10th June 2020. Petition to save London tree crosses 20,000 signature milestone.

The Friends of The Happy Man Tree announce that the petition to save the tree known as “The Happy Man Tree” in Woodberry Grove, Hackney London N4 reaches the 20,000 signature milestone. 24 hour occupation of the tree continues into a 5th week. ‘Saturday Night at the HMT” to be streamed live from the tree 9.40pm 13th June

This magnificent 150 year old, Grade A, mature London Plane Tree has caught the imagination of the local community and people across the globe. After 6 weeks, the number of signatures on the petition has far exceeded all expectations, with over 20,000 supporters.

The petition was started by the local community in response to the planning permission given by Hackney Council in April to Berkeley Homes allowing this 150 year old London plane tree to be felled.

The tree needs constant protection from the imminent threat of destruction. Local people are keeping a 24 hour watch at the tree . This is now its 5th week. A platform has been erected in the tree and there is continuous occupation of the tree.

Saturday night live at the Happy Man Tree. 9.40pm to 10pm Saturday 13th June: 20,000 signatures on the Save the Happy Man Tree petition - 20 minutes of live action from the tree. Performance at 21.40 Lighting of the tree at 22.00 Watch live online at

A spokesperson for the friends of the Happy Man Tree said “Tens of thousands of people are saying to Berkeley Homes and Hackney Council enough is enough. We cannot keep felling trees simply because they are in the way. Please rethink the plans and allow this hugely loved tree that carries so much meaning for the community to live for further 150 years.”

For further information e mail tel 07925 152 278 Press photographs here

Notes to editors

Friends of the Happy Man Tree (FHMT) are a community of people dedicated to highlighting the plight of this venerable London plane tree and are campaigning to save it from destruction. 

We are not any official or structured organisation as yet. We are brought together into a community which is focused around the tree and its plight. We began to protest when it became clear to a wider public that the tree had Hackney Council  approval to be felled by Berkeley Homes as part of the redevelopment of the Woodberry Down estate.

This protest was started by local people with the participants on the ground coming from the local area.

FHMT also have strong links with the organisation representing the local residents. The residents are represented by the organisation The Woodberry Down Community Organisation (WDCO). WDCO  is a democratically elected body for all residents and retailers in all of the Woodberry Down Estate. They are recognised by the development partners Hackney Council, Genesis Housing Association and Berkeley Homes as the main negotiating body when discussing all aspects of the Woodberry Down regeneration. The WDCO executive are against the felling of the tree.

The arguments made by Berkeley Homes and Hackney Council for the tree to go are strongly disputed by the Friends of The Happy Man Tree.

1) Consultation was inadequate and error ridden. This decision is being made against the wishes of the local community.

2) Nothing can mitigate properly for the loss of this 150 year old tree

3) Delay to the redevelopment is likely to be far less than the extravagant figures being quoted by the developers.

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