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#noticethistree banner goes up in the tree

Somebody offered to make us a banner. We said yes. The result is a beautiful and uplifting creation. It went up around late afternoon helped hugely by an expert in tree climbing - the banner’s size meant it wasn't particularly easy to hang up. It was a magical moment when it was unfurled. We realised how powerful it was and how clear the message is .

The banner has the following words #noticethistree. We feel this might be an important message to convey to all of us. The Happy Man Tree is condemned. If we don't notice it, it will definitely go. We feel that all trees under threat might be #noticethistree. In this case this tree is under threat because it is simply seen to be in the way. It is at times like these that we really do need to #noticethistree and many like it who are being felled whatever the reason. There are 33 other trees that are also condemned as part of this phase (Phase 3) of the Woodberry Down regeneration. In each and every case if we don't #noticethistree then the organisations and people that are responsible for the destruction of these trees will be able to continue to destroy them, and continue to believe that trees expendable.

What might #noticethistree mean in practice? There are so many way different ways that we can #noticethistree. For the Happy Man Tree some of us are protesting and occupying and sleeping by it and writing blog posts like this. Some others talk and write their stories and memories and tell what the tree means. Others have created paintings and poetry. Some simply stop and look for a moment. It doesn't matter how this tree is noticed. Just that we do take some time however small or big to #noticethistree. The same might apply to any tree under threat no matter where they are in the world. We can all find a way to #noticethistree. Many times, sadly, trees are cut down. But we can still #noticethistree long after it has been destroyed. If we can #noticethistree properly after it has gone, then we may suffer a great loss, but we have not necessarily lost.

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