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The Happy Man Tree Project 2023

Have you ever fallen in love with a tree?

Welcome to the Happy Man Tree Project. The Happy Man Tree is a 150 old tree that was felled in 2021. We say ‘is’ as the tree is still alive in art, film and memories.

There is a completed film and a forthcoming exhibition focussing on the last months of the tree’s life. These will be shown in October 2023. The film will be shown in cinemas and community venues around the UK before being released on digital streaming platforms in December 2023. The Exhibition will focus on the theme of loss, and explore the absence of the Happy Man Tree - it will open for a week at the same time as the premiere of the film in October.

You can watch the trailer here.

Can you help us? We need help in many ways:

o Sign up here to our e mail list so we can send you updates about the project.

o Follow us on social media and like our posts

o Spread the word about the HMT Project on your social media platforms and in person

There is a special preview of the film as part of the Urban Tree Festival. It is at the Castle Cinema Tuesday 16th May at 6.30 you can buy tickets here.

If you would like to know more about the Happy Man Tree please take a wander through our archive here which is the chronicle of the last months of the trees life.

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