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Tree Visit 10th May 2020

May the 10th #noticethistree

It's Sunday today at the #thehappymantree so Berkeley Group were not around to take the sign down. It is still there this evening. It's lovely to see people adding signs around the tree encouraging people to notice it. On the opposite side of the road somebody has chalked two feet, asking people to take a photograph of the tree from that position. It is also amazing to see other responses that are beginning to appear away from the tree, on other trees. Some of these have been photographed. We post them up here as well. We have also received another poem and a painting of one of the photographs that have been posted here. Which leads us to wonder if there might be a more general response to the tree. Perhaps we can ask people to take photographs, create poems, paintings, drawings or any form of artistic response and gather all these together for some kind of celebration of the tree’s existence?

The petition we have 3,787 signature at the time of writing! Hackney Council Please keep promoting this petition.

Thank you all. We will be at the tree again tomorrow with some exciting news we hope.

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