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Tree Visit 17th May 2020

On Saturday we posted a photo of a painting made by an unknown child which they had pinned to the tree. Yesterday on Sunday we were very honoured to meet the creator of that poster. Her name is Tahlia. Tahlia said she was upset and puzzled why Berkeley Group had taken down her poster tied to the tree. (It would be helpful if someone from Berkeley Homes might like to call Tahlia and explain to her why they are stealing posters and signs from the tree. Certainly she would love an explanation) She is 7 years old and her class at Thomas Abney school have #noticethistree and have done a project around the environment and in particular the Happy Man Tree! Her friend Maya made a Happy Man Tree T shirt which she was proudly wearing when we met them both and their mothers. Tahlia’s mother Lucie said it's impossible to explain to a child what is going on here, “we teach children in general we value trees and they are incredibly important for us. However on our doorstep, this tree has to cut down because the housing project is not profitable enough if it stays” It's clear that right across the community people are upset and angry about the tree being cut down A film maker was able to film the two girls talking about their concerns. Todays pictures focus on these two wonderful girls and their art. (Thank you to Lucie and Sylvia as well for their lovely support and sending in the pictures of their daughters work!) Maya’s poster asks for people to sign the petition. please do.

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