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Tree Visit 18th May 2020

A feeling that the tree is being threatened imminently is growing. And over 7,500 have signed our petition.

We have spent the day trying to get anyone in the council and wider to tell us when they might try and kill the tree as we are hearing it might be very soon. Nobody is answering. We are getting very concerned and anxious. Please watch this space. Encourage people to follow us here on Facebook, or on Twitter @happymantree or e mail to know more. Please please share this widely.

The petition is exploding with new signatures this afternoon. We are not sure why. But it has gained a big new momentum. We are now aiming for 10,000 signatures. Please keep sharing

A wonderful piece of artwork has been wrapped around the #noticethistree created by 7 year old Maya. It is a series of Cardboard cut-out shapes with pens attached to them encouraging people to write on them . Interspersed with some creative paintings about trees. We filmed it with a little commentary. I wonder how long it'll be before Berkeley Group take this away as they have every other single piece of homemade signage and art that has been pinned on the tree. It's not Berkeley's tree it is our tree and it's on our pavement and it belongs to all of us and that includes the people at Berkeley Homes. In another framing and place Berkeley’s would be helping to care and look after this tree as they work with Hackney Councill to regenerate the housing estate alongside. It is sad that there is such a division emerging about the fate of this tree. In conversations we have had with people passing it feels like the misuse of power and false justifications that are also upsetting people about the decision. A decision very few people find acceptable. 18th May Day 21

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