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Tree Visit 7th May 2020

7th May - todays post. #noticethistree Our petition has now reached over 2,700 signatures. Please keep promoting it. It will make a difference as we believe @hackneycouncil will notice. Today we would like to highlight a poem written about the #happymantree. The writer wrote this after spending some time looking up at the tree recently. She was on her own. She was there early this morning, again on her own. She wants to remain anonymous. Here is her poem she sent in.

Are you here for this tree? When people are dying, I’m here because we are dying For better homes the van read Weedfree the van read Because I felt weird Uncomfortable We have homes Trees were probably cut down for them I justify myself, I work for the nhs don’t you know Am I at risk? Of course We all are I have a story still that I should not have problems to be a therapist What ever could that look like I am simply part of a system At the moment, this part I stand here to feel the fear 30 minutes it’s not long, it’s very short in fact They are probably better homes for now for some If they cut down a tree it’s for a reason I’m sure and a good one in many eyes But the extent and breadth of the tree cutting is not in our favour Someone years ago maybe planted this tree It made a home here Now someone else decided its home is in the wrong place so it must be removed. Can you visit a tree? Take Me Spending time with trees to be cut Like we spend time with a loved one who is dying Only this tree isn’t dying It is on death row For a crime it did not commit There is an idea That we are more important than trees That we need the priority No trees No Us No Us We will be there again tomorrow and I have attached todays pictures of the tree.

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