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Tree Visit 8th May 2020

May 8th. #noticethistree We visited the #happymantree today, and put up a new sign as again the previous one was taken away by Berkeley Group. The cover photo here has also changed to highlight another new logo design. Again comments welcome please! Someone has drawn little circles on the pavement marking the area the tree actually occupies. It is surprisingly large, a good 10 to 12 metres around. We now know when we enter the trees' space. And when we do it is quite a feeling to be under the tree's aura. 150 years of the tree living. It is quite a feeling when to enter its space. Common to so many #londontrees.

The petition now has over 3,000 people's signatures. Please keep promoting the petition and sharing this post, it is so important to keep the pressure on the developer and Hackney Council to save this tree. Thanks you all. Back again tomorrow.

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