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Tree Visit 9th May 2020

May the 9th #noticethistree we visited the#happymantree today. Somebody had made new marks on the pavement that show the extent of the trees circumference and the spread of its canopy. It is surprisingly large how far the tree covers, about 10, 11 or 12 metres around. The marks delineate the edge of the tree. The signs on the pavement ask people to look up, to register and notice the leaves up above. We did that. It's a lovely feeling doing it. It feels to me as if the tree is almost embracing me as I enter its space. As always Berkeley homes had taken our sign off the tree. We put up a new one as you can see from the attached photographs. And a video showing the edge of the tree and the leaves above. We will be at the tree again on Sunday. #londontrees

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