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Tree Visit May 11th 2020

Yesterday we hinted at surprise and today the surprise appeared in the shape of a film maker! we had a brief conversation around #thehappymantree. We will be meeting her again. It is lovely to feel that people are continuing to #noticethistree and the idea of a film being made about and around the tree is heart warming. The photographs posted here show the first filming happening.

On the petition we've now reached nearly 4500 signatures. That is is truly amazing. We don't think there's any doubt that we will top 5000 soon, but please keep sharing and posting the link to the petition because we're sure it's going to make a difference. The more we get the more visible the tree becomes. #noticethistree feels urgent and necessary, here and on every tree. As usual it being a working day Berkeley Group had taken our sign on the tree down, and also decided to rub out some of the chalk markings on the bollards that surround the tree on the pavement. We replaced the sign with a new one. We can't help reflecting that there's an element of social engineering and power being misused here. Berkeley Group are only allowing people to see what Berkeley Group would like people to see. This is a public place and space. We are not quite sure how, or why, Berkeley Group get to decide what people should or could see in this space. There may be more to be talked about on this theme later. We will be at the tree again tomorrow.

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