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#voteHappyManTree as Tree of the Year

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The Happy Man Tree has been nominated for the Woodland Trust's Tree of the Year 2020.

Read the nominations for all the wonderful trees and cast your vote here.

From the Woodland Trust:

The Happy Man Tree, Hackney, London

Currently earmarked for felling, the plight of this 150-year-old plane has awakened something in a community that couldn’t bear to see it go. The dressing of the tree, and the signs behind it, are testament to the strength of feeling among the local campaigning community. As an urban tree, it makes an important contribution to combatting air pollution and making grey city streets green. But the community sees it as more than just the sum of its parts – it is part of the estate, part of their collective history. The threat to the Happy Man Tree highlights how important it is that all housing developments are planned with existing and mature trees at their heart: we all deserve trees and green spaces around where we live, including in our most urban areas.

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