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Local media highlight the protest and the Democratic Deficit

27th of May day 31 of the tree protests.

A photographer has come round from the Hackney Gazette. We arranged a photograph with one of us climbing up the trunk of the tree. We all thought that would be the key shot and it has turned out to be. In the Hackney Gazette articleit features that particular photograph which is wonderful. There is also in the same day very detailed peace in the Hackney Citizen which talks about the way that Hackney council and Berkeley homes have not listened to the voices of the local community. This has been called the ‘Democratic Deficit’ which is a good phrase.

Life at the a tree has settled into a rhythm as it is now day 9 since we sarted our 24 hour watch and its over a month since we started the protests at the tree . It's remarkable how support has grown with the petition now at 17,000 signatures.

We continue to have wonderful conversations with people who pass by and stop We love talks and thoughts about what's going on and what the tree may mean for everyone. We will try and start a project to capture these talks. More on this later.

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