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Tree Visit 12th May 2020

Day 15 of our daily visits. Today's post features a wonderful painting which has been painted from a photograph of two people looking up at the tree. We have put this painting both here and as the cover photo. It really is a work of art . It is wonderful to see the tree being #noticethistree in such a way. Amazing.

On today's visit we put up a new sign. Every day when needed we put up a new sign which we make while we're there. Some of the pastels have gone through the cloth and onto the pavement so we took a photograph of that as well. If we were going to give that a title it would be called signs of protest. And of course every day we take a photograph of our new sign and post it here. Maybe these can form a collection….?!

The tree is getting noticed further away and by more people which is such good news. There may be an article about it soon. We talked about the film maker yesterday. And we know that the social media activity is reaching a few potentially valuable supporters. We might be able to talk about more that the next couple of days.

The petition keeps getting more and more signatures All the time. We are now at 4,777 as of the afternoon of the 12th of May. Please keep promoting this as it will make a difference.

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