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Tree Visit 3rd May 2020

This is an invitation to spend time with this 150 year old London plane tree in the hope that, if enough people really see its beauty and majesty, it might lead to it being seen and preserved rather than being cut down by Berkeley Homes/Hackney Council.

Somebody has drawn circles 2 metres apart on the pavement near the tree asking passers by to ‘look up’. Perhaps we can all do this. To go to the tree, pause at its base for a few moments, and take in the glory of this ancient London Plane tree.

If you do, it would be great if you could take a photo of you looking up, and share this with others. If you do post it to your social media accounts, please add in the hashtags #thehappymantree and #londontrees and @berkeleygroup that would be greatly appreciated.

We were at the tree yesterday. Here we are ‘looking up’. Back to the tree at 5pm today.

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