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Tree Visit 4th May 2020

#noticethistree Today we have changed the cover photo to show a close up of #happymantree bark. We took this picture today. The Woodland Trust say this about the Plane Tree's bark. "The bark breaks away in large flakes to dispel pollutants, hence the tree’s ability to cope with high levels of air pollution and the reason for the trunk’s distinctive camouflage pattern".

It also looks beautiful. We hope you enjoy the picture.

In other news the petition has been signed by an amazing 871 people. Please help us get to...roll of drums...10,000 as that is what we have been told is when the powers who control the trees fate will really notice. #londontrees Berkeley Group Hackney Council

And here are some of todays pictures from our daily lists this morning and this evening. Thank you for sharing this post.

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